Popular iODBC Driver Manager now available in Open Source format

Burlington, MA. January 19, 1999 - OpenLink Software, Inc., technology and market leaders in the development and deployment of secure, high-performance ODBCª, JDBCª, and UDBCª compliant Data Access Middleware, announce the immediate availability of the popular iODBC Driver Manager in Open Source format under GNU's Library General Public License (LGPL) scheme.

iODBC v2.5 comprises original foundation work by iODBC's creator Ke Jin, plus enhancements and bug fixes contributed by OpenLink Software.

iODBC enables the development and deployment of database centric applications compatible with the Microsoft ODBC 2.x & X/Open SQL CLI data access standards.

The iODBC Driver Manager is a development & runtime Interface that links iODBC or ODBC compliant applications to iODBC or ODBC compliant data access drivers.

ODBC or iODBC Drivers provide development & runtime implementations of the iODBC & ODBC data access interfaces. They are also the components that actually connect directly to the backend database engines.

"Prior to this release there had been a lot of confusion surrounding the licensing of the iODBC Driver Manager component, the end result being stunted development and deployment of ODBC compliant applications outside of the WIN32 platform", said Kingsley Idehen, President & CEO, OpenLink Software Inc. "Now that iODBC is licensed under GNU's Library General Public License scheme, we can realistically expect an explosion of cross platform iODBC & ODBC compliant applications, especially in the Internet space". He added.

IODBC Driver Manager v2.50 is available for immediate download from OpenLink Software, Inc.'s iODBC Software Download URL: iODBC.org

OpenLink Software, Inc. is an industry-leading developer and deployer of high-performance, secure Universal Database Connectivity Technology, independent of operating system, network protocol, and underlying database engine. Its technologies adhere to key industry data access standards such as Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), and X/Open SQL CLIª.


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